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Your actress articles


Hello, Bruno:

I wonder if you can possibly add a little substance to these three articles (Ana Rosa, Deborah Secco and Nathalia Dill). Given that all three of these women are still living, the Biography of Living Persons policy applies.

I get uncomfortable with articles about living persons giving nothing but a birth date, with no real indication of notability. If these women are notable (and they probably really are), then there should be something more in the articles than just a date of birth, and there should be references from reliable sources. (IMDb is not a reliable source.) If these women are not notable, then the existence of these articles, even with just a birth date reference, violates these women's respective individual privacy. So would you please at least try to write a paragraph about each, giving a reason the actress is notable, and with a reliable source to support?

Thanks very much. StevenJ81 (discusión) • 10 Av 5777 • (administrator) 16:42 2 Ago 2017 (UTC)