Please help my bot to write in ladTrocar

Can you help me tranlating the edit summaries of my bot for ladwiki?

  • bot=Bot:
  • summary_replace_deadlink=replacing dead link {0} with {1}
  • summary_update_deadlink=repairing dead link {0}
  • summary_replace_outdated=replacing outdated link {0} with {1}
  • summary_update_outdaded=repairing outdated link {0}
  • bot=Bot:
  • summary_replace_deadlink=Ersetze defekten Weblink {0} durch {1}
  • summary_update_deadlink=Repariere defekten Weblink {0}
  • summary_replace_outdated=Ersetze veralteten Weblink {0} durch {1}
  • summary_update_outdated=Repariere veralteten Weblink {0}
"replace" is used if the domain has changed, "update" if the domain stays the same
"outdated" is used if the url is still available but will be switched off soon, "deadlink" if the url is already unreachable.
{0} and {1} are placeholders for the domain name(s)

Merlissimo 17:59 5 Feb 2011 (UTC)

  • bot=
  • summary_replace_deadlink=
  • summary_update_deadlink=
  • summary_replace_outdated=
  • summary_update_outdated=

Bot translationTrocar

I will try to translate the bot messages. However it would be very helpful if you could add French, Turkish and Spanish translations alongside the German. Then I could translate much more easily. -- Universal Life (mi hoja de diskussión ) (hechos) 00:56 6 Feb 2011 (UTC)

Then you could have a look at fr:user talk:MerlLinkBot, tr:user talk:MerlLinkBot and es:user talk:MerlLinkBot. These translations may help you. I don't speak these languages myself. Thanks for your try. Merlissimo 23:55 8 Feb 2011 (UTC)