Vikipedya:Permeso de mabúl (flooder)

Noah i el mabúl

As always, apologies for writing in English rather than Judeo-Spanish. I would be grateful if someone would translate this page.

The "flooder right" ("flood flag" or "pseudobot") is a way to temporarily grant "bot" privileges to a regular user account. One does this when using a semi-automated process for routine edits so that the edits do not clog up the recent changes list with a lot of routine edits. Once this group is created, administrators and bureaucrats have the right to grant and lift this permission at will. The normal procedure is that an administrator grants himself/herself this right, makes the routine edits, and then removes the right as soon as he or she is finished. However, other users may temporarily request this permission from an administrator. In this case the user can remove his or her own permission without asking an administrator.

As of April 2017, this user group (and all others) can be assigned with an expiration time. Best practice is to assign this with an expiration of no more than 1–3 hours, unless the person requesting has a good reason to need it longer.

All edits done under this flag are still visible by looking at the user's contributions page—this simply classifies the edits as being by "bots" in "Recent changes".

See m:Flood flag and m:Flooder for further details.