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This userpage is a list of tasks for How to create a Judaeo-Spanish WikiProject, together with the vocabulary associated and needed. Here I'll include tasks that have already been accomplish in order to a) check them and better if necessary and b) define the vocabulary associated and used.

Before Starting the JS Wikipedia ProjectTrocar

Language and the ProjectTrocar

  1. Check if the language has a valid ISO639 code.
    • Yes: Lad  
      1. Judeo-Español: Judaeo-Spanish (JS), Ladino
        • Acceptable synonyms to use in the wiki: Español and Judió (most common denominations)
        • Not acceptable synonyms: Ladino, Judesmo, Ḥaketilla, Tetuani (hyponyms and/or regionalisms), Sefaradhi (less common), Jidió (dialectal)
          • They are not acceptable only as the main parameters or titles, but they are of course allowed within articles.
      2. Vikipedya: Wikipedia; from the words:
      3. Víki: Wiki
      4. Ansiklopedya: Encyclopedia
    • For future use: per ISO 15924, there are script variants: lad-hebr (use of Hebrew alef-bet) and lad-latn (use of Latin alphabet)
  2. Find a community

Starting the ProjectTrocar

  1. Register and change preferences.
  2. Submit a request.

Creating the ProjectTrocar

Main PageTrocar

  1. Set the Main Page.