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==Solisitudes resueltas==
=== [[User:ButkoBot|ButkoBot]] ===
I request a bot flag for [[User:ButkoBot|ButkoBot]]
* '''Purpose''': interwiki
* '''Technical details''': use [[m:Using the python wikipediabot|pywikipedia]], update from SVN before start --[[Usuario:Butko|Butko]] 14:36 16 Jun 2009 (UTC)
;A favor ''(support)''
;En kontra ''(oppose)''
;Komentarios ''(comments)''
* Please a demonstration of the bot. --'''[[User:Taichi|Taichi]]''' ([[User talk:Taichi|あ!]]) 08:12 17 Jun 2009 (UTC)
==Solisitudes resueltas==