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::*The community had been missing for a while recently, and only in the past couple of months has really started to come back and get involved again. It's not clear there is a strong "community practice". I'd venture that on net, you're probably best off using Spanish in edit summaries and on talk pages. If you want to make the point that you are in fact writing ES and not LAD, preface with {{tl|Espflag}}. If you're writing me only, use English; my Spanish fluency comes entirely from Google. (smile)
::*For issues with individual pages and categories, by all means use their talk pages. For policy issues, including category mergers (unless there is a one-off reason for one), it's best to try to write on [[Vikipedya:La Kavané]], which we all follow (I hope). Ping me, Universal Life and Katxis at a minimum. And I do follow Recent Changes, so I'll keep an eye for a while. [[Usador:StevenJ81|StevenJ81]] ([[Messaje de Usador:StevenJ81|discusión]]) • 3 Elul 5777 • 22:18 24 Ago 2017 (UTC)
== Venida buena y clara (Welcome) ==
Hi Deborah,<br>
I wanted to welcome you as well. I have been busy a bit lately in real life and couldn't be here much, so couldn't write this earlier. It's really very nice to have you here :) <br>
About the question that you asked to Steven (''Hojas, Pajinas, Páginas''), what he said is quite correct. Also the categories are very disorganised unfortunately and the tranlatewiki.net translations are incomplete. I intend to go back translating there as soon as I find some more time. <br>
Any questions that you have, please don't hesitate to write to me or ping me. :) <br>
And again welcome, hosh geldín y barujhabá :) --[[Usador:Universal Life|Universal Life]] ([[Messaje de Usador:Universal Life|discusión]]) 21:32 29 Ago 2017 (UTC)