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:::{{ping|StevenJ81}} I'm not sure if there is a documentation for statements, [[:he:נושא:Thihvgsw5ik1u96k|I just got notified about it this week]]--[[Usador:Mikey641|Mikey641]] ([[Messaje de Usador:Mikey641|discusión]]) 19:11 20 Diz 2016 (UTC)
::::I saw that, too. We'll have to wait, I guess. [[Usador:StevenJ81|StevenJ81]] ([[Messaje de Usador:StevenJ81|discusión]]) • 21 Kislev 5777 • 19:11 20 Diz 2016 (UTC)
== Shalom !Translation request please ==
Could you please translate this two:
::[[he:המועצה להשכלה גבוהה]]
:::[[he:מרכז ארצי לבחינות ולהערכה]]
Thank you very much !. [[Usador:פארוק|פארוק]] ([[Messaje de Usador:פארוק|discusión]]) 15:38 27 Diz 2016 (UTC)